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Electrical Issues

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Have '99 Burb. Driver window goes down OK but sometimes does not want to go up. Drive for a while or let sit and window works fine. Replaced the control buttons and same problem. Do I need to replace motor, regulator or both?

Also a previous owner disconnected horn beep when doors are locked. How do I re-instate this feature?

Slowly getting the Burb into original operating mode, replaced door locks and various bulbs. Still working on radio lights. Have a spare radio to take apart and play with (have to learn to solder again!). Runs good with 147000 miles.
Any help is appreciated
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Hey Mike, I don't think the regulator is bad or it would be binding all the time. I think it's probably the carbon brushes in the motor not making good contact all the time with the motors armature. It could also be a bad wire/elec connection between the switch & the motor. Both of these are usually caused by the dirty environment inside the door. There is a lot of moisture & dust inside there. One thing you can try is when you run the window down, don't run it all the way down, try parking it an inch from the bottom. This will park the motor brushes in a different place where maybe they will make better contact. Also the brushes can make bad contact from lack of use in the winter when you don't open the windows much, & I've seen them cured just by running them up & down 10-15 times when they are working. This cleans the carbon dust/crud off the brush contact area. A good way to check for the stuck motor brushes, is to smack the bottom of the door while holding down the switch. This rattles the motor & gets it moving again.
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