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Electronic Fuel pump doesn’t work [Expired Topic]

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Electronic Fuel pump doesn’t work

Hi everybody,

I did something stupid, I left my fuel pump run dry  :oops: And now it doesn’t make any sound, I checked the fuses but they are good.
I put 12V on connector G still nothing.

I’m running out of ideas, I think the fuel pump is broken.
What do you think, can I try anything else? because the fuel pump is located in the fuel tank

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No if you have tried putting 12v to the pump at the back where the wires come off the frame chances are the pump is gone. Drop the tank and remove the pump and replace.
A test light at the frame rail where the wires leave the frame and go to the fuel pump should light when the key is on, if not its in the wireing, fuses.
Wow, that's too bad. It's very likely that your pump has had it. On the plus side, look how long it lasted you. At least you can still get around under propane power! :D
Modern pumps don't like to go dry at all. Could be very bad. :-(
I replaced the fuel pump, and the Suburban starts good.
But when I drive the rpm doesn’t go above 2000 rpm I think the fuel filter is dirty what do you think?
That's possible, it's never a bad idea to change out. What yeah suburban do you have, engine, etc?

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Hi Steve,

My Suburban is a 1500 from 93 it has a 350 TBI Engine
with 160500 miles on it.
Where do you get the parts? How did you end up getting a Suburban over there anyhow? Are there dealerships?
I get most of my chevy parts on the internet; we also have a local shop here SpeedShop they also have a shop in LA and they order the parts in the USA.

The only real Chevrolet you can buy here are the Corvette and the trailblazer.
You can’t buy a new Suburan in Belgium. :(

My suburban was originally from Texas, it came to Belgium as a used car. :wink:
Really. What part of Texas? Mind you, texas is bigger than France, so it could have come from anywhere. Just wonder if it came from near me. :)

BTW, that's a t-shirt that I've seen around here. :) "Texas is bigger than france"...

Just something funny. ;-)
The only thing that was written on the paper was Texas USA.

Nice T-shirt, I can’t buy one they don’t export.
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