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I have a 97 K1500 w/ 5.0L with 205K miles. Bear with me while I describe the recent history. I had a seperate issue a few months ago that led to a pressure regulator and an new fuel pump. I went with the BorgWarner regulator and the Carter pump. As I was getting ready to go on a trip back to MI, I gave the truck a tune up. Plugs, wires, cap, rotor, coil, ICM were swapped. All AC Delco parts.

I put about 100 miles on the truck here before I left for my trip and then put another 600 miles on during the trip back home. The truck ran great. Mileage and throttle response greatly improved. Then one morning, I started the truck and it immediately cut out. I tried to start and got an extended crank, no fire. Popped the hood, looked around and didn't see anything noticeable, and tried again. It fired right up. The next evening, I was on a side street and it cut out while I was doing about 15 mph, but then caught again while I was coasting. I pulled to the end of the street and it died again. Once again, extended crank, then fire. No codes set.

I then swapped cam and crank sensors just in case it was a mag pick-up issue since it had caught and fired again on its own. I didn't have any issues for the next week and a half. On my way back to WI from this trip back home (while pulling a trailer), I filled up at a gas station in western MI and as I was pulling away, it happened again. I didn't have a fuel pressure gauage with me, but I depressed the schrader and it shot fuel out. The engine would start, then cut out after about 2 seconds (I don't have a security key). Sometimes when I would turn the key on, my Service Engine Soon (SES) light would come on during the bulb check, other times it would not. All other lights came on during bulb check. I also noticed that when it would sometimes run for a few more seconds, that when I would turn the wheel, the oil pressure reading would change drastically. It eventually caught and I drove for another few hundred miles.

Once I got to WI, it cut out while I was on the express way. This time for about an hour. I had a screwdriver handy so I started checking for spark. I had none at the plug. So I went to check at the coil and I had spark. I went to check back at the plug and the truck started. I'm not certain it was something at the cap/coil, or if it was just the end of the intermitten issue. I made it back home without any other issue.

Unfortunately, I can't start to troubleshoot this until it happens again, and I have my tools. So I have a care package now in the truck of a continuity tester, multimeter, spark checker, and starter trigger. What I am looking for is two things.

1. Does anyone have the trouble shooting diagnostic chart for not spark start that they can share with me? This will give me direction to check when it happens again.

2. Is this a common issue and has a suspect component been identified? Any thougts on what it might be from past experience? I would like to avoid blind part swapping until I have tested the system, but if it is a common issue that has been seen, I will go that route.

Thanks. Sorry for the long post but I wanted to describe what has been done, and what is happening.
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