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Engine Idle/recall

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I am new to this forum and new to the Chevy Colorado world. I just purchased a 2004 crew cab 3.5L with 60,000 miles and the engine idles rough. When you are at a complete stop and you let off the brake just enough to let the truck move a little, it starts the rough idle. I have heard nothing but good about these trucks but as soon as I bought it, I started hearing that they had a recall on the motors for a bad piston and a new motor was what it took to fix the problem. Has anyone heard of this recall and does anyone know what might be causing the rough idle?
Thanks in advance for any help or advice!
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:sign0016:I haven't heard about a recall. What about DTC codes? Are you getting any? Off idle throttle issues can be anything from vacuum leak to a bad TPS sensor.
I had the codes read today and nothing showed to be bad. I dont know that I trust the place I took it though. I just moved to Atlanta a couple of months ago so might take it to a different shop and see what they pull as far as codes go.
Yack, here is what I know to this point. I've owned my '05 Colorado since new. GM has sent me a letter extending the warrenty on the engine only. The warrenty extension has been increased to 7 years or 100,000 miles to cover a problem they have been having with the heads (intake valve seats) of the 2.8 & 3.5. Now the letter went on to say "may experience a condition where the engine intake valve seats may wear. This will cause partial misfire and illumination of the SES (Service Engine Soon) light." If I were you I would take it into a chevrolet dealer and see what they have to say since the dealer is only authorized to do the repair.
rough idle

Thanks for the info. That may be the answer to my idle problem. Unfortunately I've put over 132,000 miles on my 2004 3.5 and chevy isnt going to replace any thing for me.:grrrrrr:
I had a similar problem, along with a check engine light. I read somewhere and this also coordinated with the fault code, to clean the throttle body. It worked, I was really surprised how dirty it actually was.
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