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Engine running rough [Resolved]

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i have an '89 suburban.

I noticed recently that when I stop at a light or stop sign the engine runs rough. The next stop it runs fine. I did a tune up on it...plugs, wires, distributer cap...the works. But it stills does it every couple stops.

Any suggestions?


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What type of engine and tranny do you have in that thing? Also, how many miles are on it?

Its has a 350 engine 400 trans 115.000
Could be a number of things. How long have you owned your burban? Did you change the fuel filter while you were at it?
Ive owned it oh about 6 years. Yeah I changed the fuel filter and air filter. Pretty much everything is new under the hood.
Other than this, it runs great.
Well I fixed the problem with the Suburban.

I replaced the oxygen sensor and everything runs great now.

Thanks for the Help everybody.

Glad to hear that it was something as simple as that.
Nice easy fix, and being pre '96 it's not a heated O2 sensor, so the price is considerably less. Not to mention there is only 1 of them.
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