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engine swap

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ok i have a question im looking for a chevy truck 305 with a 5 spd but i want to get rid of the 305 and upgrade to a 350 will that work with the stock trans, i would think it would work but i dont know if the 305 is a 4 bolt main engine
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Welcome aboard, I not so sure I completely understand but yes a 350 does bolt to the same bell housing. As far as I know the 305 was only 2 bolt mains. What year of truck are we talking about?
I assisted at race tracks when I was in my 20's helped build a few cars and I can tell you I seen more spun 4 bolts then 2 bolt main 350's. So in your search for 350 don't be to quick to toss aside a 2 bolt main. I made plenty of passes in my 1/2 ton (13.02 at 105 MPH) with a very respectable 60' time. Never broke it.
i was looking at 1996's-1998's oh and u said your truck ran 13's thats cool, what all did u do to it..i dont want to build a drag truck but i want atleast about 325hp or so,
thanks for the adivce on the 2 bolt mains i would have passed on that ill have to look into that. also do u know if chevy ever produced a c1500 silverado with at 5.7 and a 5spd i have seen them but dont know if they were factory or not
GM did indeed produce these but I think you'd be hard pressed to find one. (A buddy of mine had one built from Oshawa plant) 5.7 and 5 spd that is.
BTW I put 3:73 posi in 12 bolt, custom ladder bars/pan hard bar, 350 turbo tranny reworked (manual valve body), quick silver bump shifter on floor,3500 stall converter, 350 2 bolt mains, street dominator(spread bore intake), 750 cfm holley (double pump double feed), 3" spacer, Big lumpy cam, Block/crank balanced, Keith Black 10.5:1 flat tops and 202 300HP heads (ported/polished) I never got it out of 13's because I had weight transfer of a school bus. Far to heavy :lol: It was slammed to the point of 2" clearance between road and lower control arms.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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