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Entry for March Truck of the month, I hope!

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Sorry guys but I just noticed the post about making a new thread for March truck of the month entries.
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Sorry guys but I just noticed the post about making a new thread for March truck of the month entries.
quote=crane3447;52058]Here it is guys. Hope this works. Its a '04 silverado 1500 2wd 5.3. Its got an "air-raid" cold air intake and throtle body spacer. 3" single exaust and a "power pup" programmer from bully dog. 20" " speedy" stainless steel wheels with slotted rotors, matching pads from BDDS and painted calipers. The emblem orginally came on '64 - '67 Impalas and chevells. Got it off e-bay, from a dealer in Ohio. Its set in a custom to fit SS hockey stick stripe. All the "Sivlerado ST" badges were custom done for me at the same time. The paint is stock, but it is a vey rear 2-tone combo out here. So alot of people think that its custom as well. I konw that a 5.3 is actually a 323 or somthing but come on. Thats why I picked that emblem. The 327 was a popular motor in the impalas. I still use the truck, I'll be it not as much, so a folding/removable bed cover from "top dawg" is an easy one man op. I took out the govener, when I got it up to 195kph(120 mph) it was only reving at about 4300, but my nerve stoped. Its got 3.73's so I hit 80kph in 1st and about 120kph in 2nd. God I wish it was a 5-speed! The winters out here make this thing a sucide machine so I haven't diven it mauch lately.

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Damn nice truck! You should have no problem winning the ROTM title in the near future. Things to remember when we as moderators vote on a ROTM winner, we consider any and all entries. It's not all about "who has the nicest rig" but being active on the site, posting, etc. earns points as well.
Nice truck man I like the paint and the black wheels match well..... you definitely should have no problem winnin soon
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