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2008 Chevy Equinox Sport/Pontiac Torrent GXP

I hope you don't mind, but I did a write-up on this vehicle already for another forum I'm member of. So, I just copied and pasted it here. I think this is the best thread for this without starting a new one.

I definitely have a desire to get out of my 2006 supercharged chevy cobalt SS. I believe I have definitely found its replacement too. I just test drove the first 2008 Equinox Sport to arrive in Utah. That thing hauls. It was an all-wheel drive model. With my wife, my mother, and the dealer in the car it still moved quickly. I could have swore that it had more than 263bhp because of its acceleration. GM claims that this vehicle, and the Pontiac equivalent, is supposed to acheive 0-60 in 6.9 seconds, which makes it faster than base Porsche Cayenne which comes with 290bhp. Less apparently is more. It even had great brakes which we found out immediately after getting a quick yellow which was too close to brake normally, but too far away to rush through. It has a 6-speed auto with a manual shift mode. If any of you have driven, rode in, or just been around an Equinox, forget anything you know about it. GM states that it is only 1" lower than the regular Equinox, but it looks and feels much lower, about 4"'s lower. It is still car-like with a very responsive suspension, but doesn't feel stiff like the chevy Cobalt SS/SC. With it being lowered, the standard 18" wheels and the sporty body kit, this thing looks like a much different Equinox than what we have seen previously, and that's a good thing since it drives and handles much better too.

The 2008 Equinox was also dressed in the new blue that replaces what some people have come to call blurple. Not my preference since I hate blue in general, however, it is still a nice color. It acts very much like the sport red tint that is on my wife's 07 Cobalt SS sedan where the shade varies depending upon light, but without the additional cost. I would have loved to see this car in blurple though. It would have really drawn attention to the car, especially since I didn't notice a single person looking at the car until I suddenly blew past them on the freeway. This was done when the dealer asked me to see if I could hit the rev limiter with the car in manual shift mode. I tried this in 3rd gear. Though it did not hit the rev limiter, probably due to a safety mode that might be incorporated into the cars programming until the engine is thoroughly broken in, I did notice one other thing that was confirmed by all passengers: Regardless of rpm's, the car pulls consistently and does not let off, even in the higher rpm's. I would even be willing to go as far as say that the Equinox Sport pulls harder as the rpm's get higher until it has to shift.

There was only complaint that I had, but it isn't enough to keep me from buying the Equinox Sport. The problem comes from the tranny, so the Equinox Sport is probably not going to be the vehicle we hear this about since GM is incorporating the 6-speed 6T70 automatic transmission in many cars including the GMC Acadia/Saturn Outlook/Buick Enclave/and 2009 Chevy Traverse which will replace the chevy Trailblazer, and new BMW's that have a 6-speed auto tranny. The problem was when I was lightly cruising then jumped on the gas to test passing capabilities the tranny had to shift down 2 gears which caused a loud "thunking" noise. Since the tranny is new, I'd give it a little time and the problem will be fixed.

Other than the tranny "thunking" noise, this is a solid vehicle on the street and a great performer. It feels and appears more durable than the base Equinox. I did not try to do any off-roading, and since the ground clearance is lower than the regular Equinox's, the wheels appear expensive, there is a sporty body kit including a front bumper that incorporates some styling cues from the soon-to-be-extinct Chevy Trailblazer SS, I do not dare try. When you think about it, you wouldn't off-road a sports car, why would you off-road a Sporty performance cross-over SUV?

This is one that will find its way into my driveway, and likely prevent me from buying a fully loaded Pontiac G8 when it gets the rumored 450bhp engine.
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This vehicle is why I'm on this forum.

Here's a link with some pics:
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