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Eraser Wheel

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I spent friday afternoon removing my silver pinstripping off my truck with a eraser wheel went very fast. Amazed how fast it came off i went over it with some regular wax today in the sun light saw some marks the wheel left anyone know of a good product to clean my paint before i wax /polish it. Something that will help remove the marks. Thanks
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I used Mequiars Mirror Glaze #9 swirl remover 2.0 on my BLACK truck to remove some marks left by my eraser wheel when I removed my door moldings and it worked well. Once a year I use it on the whole truck before polishing with there #7 show car glaze and then waxing with there #26 wax.
Ok thanks going to give it a try
Your welcome. You can use by hand, orbital or rotary buffers.
Guess its that time of year! let us know how it works (the wax since Silver already put up his info about it, and to be honest im dumber than a box of rocks when it comes to waxs) and take some new pics!!!
View attachment 26533 Ok that stuff worked great thanks for the help here it is without the stripes next i might work on the 4x4 decal
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