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Exhaust [Expired Topic]

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I'm thinking of putting a cat-back system on my Suburban. Has anyone here done this to their vortec powered Burbs? What did you go with and how does it sound. I'm leaning towards the Magnaflow system, but would like any comments you may have.
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Just checked out the magnaflow website at Looks pretty cool.

I've not done this, but someone will wander on here that probably has.
I haven't heard a Magnaflow on your specific application, but my experience with them on other vehicles is that they are high-quality set-ups, not too loud but they'll let everyone know you have something different. 8) I'd recommend one.
Well, I ordered the Magnaflow system today from 4 wheel parts. It should be in in a week or so. I'll let you know how the install goes.
I received my system Friday afternoon and installed it Friday night. The only problem I had with it was that the Magnaflow system did not include the gasket to mate it up to the stock system and it was a dealer only gasket. Once I picked that up, all went smooth. The sound is quiet at idle but has a nice mellow tone on accelleration. I am very please with it. I posted a new gallery (Gary L) in the user galleries with some pictures of it.
Cool, let me take a look at it. Sounds like a nice project.
That's interesting that they didn't give you that gasket. I put a Magnaflow system on an '03 F150, and if I remember correctly it came with everything we needed. :?

Glad you like it. Every Magnaflow setup I have heard sounds REALLY good. I'm thinking about one for my '06. 8)
Yeah, I think that it should have come with a gasket as well. Seriously.
I thought it should have too, maybe someone just forgot to put it in the parts bag. Other than that it was an easy install. Of course the sawsall did a great job cutting the old pipe so I could remove it. Does anyone need a stock muffler minus some of the tail pipe? :D

The more I drive the truck with this system on it, the more I like it.
Awesome, sounds like a good investment.
Hey Gary, How about a sound clip? I am curious to hear how it turned out?
Just checked their web page, they don't have one for pre 96, figures.
I'd love to post a sound clip, but I don't have the technology. :lol: It's actually pretty quiet except when accelerating, then you know it's there.
If you go out to borlas web page they have a hilarious little video/sound clip
If you want to hear different sounds of different brands check this out
I put a FlowMaster system on my '94 K1500. I have been very pleased with the sound and performance. I just ordered a catalytic converter for it because the old one seems to be rattling a lot. Drowns out the sound of the mufflers.
That's the most unique and specific use for a message forum that I've every seen.
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