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Exhaust leak test

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Does anyone have any ideas on diy, how to test your exhaust system for leaks. I know there is a smoke test that a mechanic can do. is there anything you can do yourself or purchase? Thanks
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Just bumping this up in hopes someone new will have some ideas.
If its just a slight leak it probably gets less noticeable after engine reaches operating temperature...

What I did with my 70GS455 was jacked it up and put it on stands.
Then when the engine is cold climb under the vehicle and use your hand to feel around where you think the leak is...

Just watch for the moving parts or you could get hurt, bad.

hi, i'm new here and a way i've found is by covering the end of your tip with a rag. dont hold it on for too long or the back pressure will cause harm. i do this once in awhile to check my 96 silverado for leaks. works well.
Try This

have a partner hold a rag over the tip....restricting but not stopping exhaust flow. Then get under it with a bug sprayer full of soapy water....of course...only on a cold block/exhaust. -Murph
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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