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I'm not sure about level of performance-wise, but cost-wise the GMPP stuff seems to be a tad bit high. When I just recently got my 08 Silverado 1LT w/ the 5.3, I had the dealer do a soft tonneau cover, drop in bedliner, and Flowmaster SI/DO exhaust w/ polished stainless tips as part of the deal. Cost me about $900 for everything, installed and the truck sounds awesome. Looking online at the GMPP exhaust, it seems to run around $800 and that doesn't include install or even the tips. I can't believe that a $800 cat-back doesn't include tips... that's ridiculous!! :shocked: And the GMPP air intake is about $400 when you can get AirAid, K&N, AEM, or AFE intakes for $300 or less online. Plus the dealer will probably want $75 to install something that takes 15-30 mins to do in your driveway with a basic ratchet set and a rudimentary knowledge of the english language (or at least the ability to comprehend pictures).

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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