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Exhaust Pipe Size coming out of Long Tube Headers

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Hey Everyone- I'm putting some long tube headers on my 2005 1500 Sierra w/ the 5.3. I've been doing some research and found that most people suggest going with a 2.5" pipe for true duel exhaust. With that said the stock diameter coming out of the stock manifolds is 2.75". Would I lose much by running 3" pipes from the header to a magnaflow 2 in (3") 2 out (2.5") muffler? Or should I reduce the pipe size to 2.5" right out of the headers and just go with the muffler being all 2.5" ins and outs? Just figured I'd get a little more input before purchasing the muffler. Thanks
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That is plenty... most performance exhausts such as corsa using a single inlet dual exit exhaust run a 3" pipe up front with 2 1/4-1/2" tailpipes. Is there a reason you do not want to run a x-over pipe? Doing so will make it easier to tune as it provides for a more equal/consistent back pressure for all cylinders. Just something to consider.

Sorry I didn't catch the dual in dual out muffler... this accomplishes the same thing as a x-over pipe. Guess this is the downside of using my phone to access the forum.
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