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been thinking of getting the Gibson Extreme dual exhaust for my 2000 silverado..anyone have this, or any experience with this set up?
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I found a link to it.

What are you looking to accomplish with a new exhaust system? This looks like a good all around upgrade.
well everything im looking for this system has , i think...

looks, sound, power gains

and i was actually gonna buy it from autoanything
Looks like a nice system. What price were you quoted on it?
i think autoanything had it for $383.00

im gonna install myself if i get it ,but im gonna check some local exhaust shops for prices first
Be aware, a friend of mine put a gibson exhaust on his 00 2500HD and it kept burning up the rear O2 sensor. He went through 3 before putting the factory exh back on the truck, and never had another problem with it. This is the only time I've ever heard of something like this but it is something you may want to consider. Another friend of mine has a 04 2500HD and at 6k miles had a custom exh done at Lou's (Plymouth) with a singe inlet/dual outlet Flowmaster 3 chamber. He's got almost 40k miles on the truck now without a single issue. Just some food for thought...
Where is the rear O2 sensor at on that engine?
It was in the cat. The bolt on Gibson didn't even touch or come near it and nothing was modified up to and including the cat. It was a strange thing but he no longer owns that truck and has since upgraded to a 06 2500HD diesel and has already put a Banks exh on that. He really likes the new one and routinely pulls his 30 something foot 5th wheel camper around with it.
thx for the info..I have had good luck with Gibson before but i was actually looking at Lous in Brockton to get a price quote...thing is money is an issue so if they cant match or come close to that ill go with the Gibson
It was 500 installed for Flowmaster or 525 for Magnaflow if I remember correctly... They do good work though. I had them do my camaro exhaust and it came out really nice.
I wouldn't think that the O2 would burn out any quicker, unless the backflow was part of the reading, who know?

I read through the Gibson points on AutoAnything. Looks like a pretty good system. "The Dual Extreme will not void factory warranties". That's important!
I went to Lous this morning and they quoted me $375 installed for the same look system w/ Flowmaster muffler...if i want the magnaflow muffler it would be more but i like the flowmaster sound better anyways..

Im def going with them there shop is 2 min from my house and it would be professionally installed cant beat that
I have had several flowmasters installed over the years and I have never been sorry. Everything from a 1962 GMC 3/4 ton with a 350 4-bolt police special that produced a mega deep tone that would set off car alarms ... to a camaro, even a mustang that I had when I was a kid.
even a mustang that I had when I was a kid.
TRAITOR! :shock: :lol:
That was a long time ago. :) I've been Ford Free for many years. I actually kept that car and drove it into the ground, sold it for $500 to a 18 year old kid when I lived up in Seattle. I saw it on the side of the road like 3 days later with the guy who bought it from me and his buddy walking to town. :)
It happens! For all I know that kid redlined it for 2 hours in 2nd gear on the freeway doing 60 or something. Could have destroyed the motor for all I know.
I have dual exhaust and mine is a little rusty on the tips. Do any of you know if I can buy anything to take the rust off and make it chrome again? Or any solution to fixing it would be fine.
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