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F/S Third seat for 78 Sub

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For sale: third row seat for 1978 Suburban. Tan color, very good condition, located in Nashville, TN. $50 Can deliver in Nashville area.
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Huh, what did that look for in 1978? Maybe I was aware of that, but I can't recall actually! ;-)

I don't understand your question: "What did that look for in 78"
Sorry, typo cause I must have been distracted, like always.

What did that look like in 1978? Was it just a bolt-down seat built upon the flat but carpeted cargo area?
Third seat

Yes, in 78 the third seat is just a bolt down on a flat cargo area. With the seat out 4x8 plywood slides right in and lies flat.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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