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Hola Chevy Groovers ~

I was rooting around the floor boards of my '06 K2500 Crew Cab (looking loose change to buy a tall boy) and stumbled across a neatly tucked away length of coaxial cable. It is not currently connected to anything. The cable runs down the inside of the center console from fore to aft. I bought this vehicle used, but I am wondering if this might be a factory cable to facilitate installing an after market back seat video system.

Would any of ya'll have any ideas or information on this mysterious cable run? I have been dragging through some online web pages trying to find some information, but I am coming up with nada. I am not familair enough with the late modle Silverado options to know if a video system is an option, but it would be nice to know I can spur onto this cable in the event I try to swallow an upgrade.

Thanks for the input.
Viva la Chevy, Huey!
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