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Hi, my name is Darcy and I neglect transmissions.:gasp:

Yes, I do change my oil at recommended intervals but am lazy about having the chevy transmission serviced. I was away on a hunting trip last weekend and my wife called to say her Suburban (with 85K on it) was not shifting properly and only seems to have 1st and 2nd gear. My friend that is a mechanic said it was probably in default or "limp-home" mode. It turns out that it was cooked and the fluid was very burnt. It's too late for "shoulda, coulda, woulda" so it's in the shop now and the new tranny has been ordered from GM with a 3-year 100,000 mile warranty.

We used to tow our 24' Weekend Warrior with it so service on the tranny should have been a top priority. Live and learn I guess but I wanted to share my story to help save someone else the burden of having to replace or rebuild their tranny prematurly due to neglect.:grrrrrr:

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