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Favorite switched accessory lead??? Anyone?? [Expired Topic]

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Just getting started planning for the electrical work for the center console LCD's and the Toys. I have not done any electrical addins in this truck and wondered if anybody had a favorite method for pulling switched power? I will be running a new fused 8 guage from the Optima for constant power. Still considering a second battery for the toys. There are some good threads on that at

Also going to be hooking up a 7500 lbs winch in the back on a removable hitch mounted bracket and will use a branch of that constant power for that one.
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with that much juice draw i would go sreaight from battery and put an in line fuse in, something like a 30a
that is definately something I'd been thinking about, I just am trying to be careful that I don't end up in a position where the power to the lcd's can be left on.
there are places in the fuse box for new acc. usually marked acc. or ign. check them with a test light to see which one is turned off when you turn key off. then just use a connector on that one and put an inline fuse in to protect your equipment in the console.
7500 lb winch on the back? You plan on pulling down trees?
You'd be suprised to see how heavy my 1927 studebaker is when its not running ;-). I frequently have to load dead wieght cars on a flatbed and I have probably used up all my available "beer labor" with this task already. Hoping that this will enable me to load by my self.
I have a friend who hauls a lot of junk cars to the bone yards on his flatbed. he has the winch attached to the flat bed, mounted on the front of the trailer. we then welded a tool box, big enuf for a full size car battery and a couple of 30' chains. he runs a round trailer wire conector with 6 or 7 wires i forget right now, but anyway the center lead is for power to that spare battery for the winch that way he always has a fully charged battery for the winch. even when he's not hiched to it the battery will pull a burb up on the trailer with no trouble.
just an idea i thought i should pass along.
very cool setup, I had considered that method also but my business partner shares my trailer and is not as "careful" with equipment as I am. I determined it would be in the interest of longevity to make the winch mounted on a hitch extension that would be on my truck instead of the trailer.
enuf said
Yeah, I've been around people like that. It's hard to be in business with someone that operates on a different level in terms of care, etc.
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