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Fiberglass dash?

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The dashboard is completely rotted in my '90 suburban and I'm thinking of making a new one. I'll use the metal frame after I pull of the foam and vinyl. I've never done fiberglass before and hope a few friends can help. I'll also be doing a center console. Any suggestions for sites/ help or examples?
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I have a lotta experience building R/C aircraft from fiberglass, as well as repairing classic corvettes. IMHO, i think you would be better off with a coverlay, like I did for my 86 suburban......unless you want to do something really custom, in which case, I would use the old rotted piece as a base,or "Male" mold, if you will.

I have never done a dash before, but i would cleane up the old piece as much as possible, then completely wrap it in clear packaging tape,polish it a few times with mold release wax(available at boat shops...West Marine, maybe...TAP Plastics)then spread some Vinyle ester resin, and a few layers of 1oz fiberglass cloth.

Or, you can omit the packaging tape, glue the breaks, and fill the cracks, and do a full Fiberglass refurb on the original piece, that can still be customized, and you are still using the internal frame, so fit should not be a big issue.
First thing is a game do you want it? -clock in the middle?- Add gauges?-LED lighting? -Pop up speaker housings....the possibilities are endless.
Take your time.
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There is a great site for restoring or finding replacement parts for older Chevy trucks called LMCtrucks. I found a couple of different dash pads for your application.
They are a bit too expensive for me, as is ebay. I have a teacher who has experience with boats and fiberglass so I'll give that a try.
Any update on this project? Just wondering how it all turned out.
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