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filling air conditioner [Expired Topic]

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how the hell do you fill the air conditioner in the 94 burb when the compressor wont kick on? years ago you could trick the compressor into comeing on when it was low on freon by unpluging the plug on the accumulater and jump a wire between the twp plug terminals and the compressor would kick on and suck the freon out of the can.
is that still possible or do you have to take the dam thing to the shop just to fill it when the compressor is empty.
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I think you're supposed to use an AC vacuum to draw the freon through the system. However you should also be able to trick the system by either shorting the sensor wires, or disconnecting. (Never tried it)

I acutally just jumped the compressor clutch directly with a couple wires to the battery, while the engine was running. The compressor had no choice but to pump the freon. :D :D :D

What system do you have? R12 or R134, or Puron,2804,CLI1_DIV114_ETI8735,00.html?SMSESSION=NO

Rumor had it that they would start putting it in cars, but the site above only talks about non-mobile systems.
i have the 134 in this system seem this 94 was one of the last 94's so it got a lot of the 95 things in it, like the imeing set up, found that out when i did the head gasket.
i got a couple of cans of 134 at local parts store left over from charging a lincoln.
The bigger question is why do you need AC in Maine?
hit 100 3 times the last week and the burb has leather seats, dam was the wife pissed. leather, shorts, and 100 degree heat are not a good combo with no ac!
Maine gets plenty hot in the summer! We've had some high temps the last few days, but Rhode Island is pretty much coastal. So we can get a forgiving breeze, of course it's loaded with humidity. :? (is that even a trade off???)
I used to live in NH, and people always though that it was always cooler up there, that's just not the case.

Granted New England weather is no where near as bad as southern states. My sister lives down in brownwood,TX. I have to give her credit for tollerating that heat. I hate it. Give me cool days anytime. I can always warm up if it gets too cold, but I can't seem to cool off, if it's too hot.
i here that about southern states. live in tenn. for 5 years. 90 degress at 7 am. dam i had a 3.5 ton central heat and air unit put in and thats the only thing that saved me.
had to do all my welding at midnight, only time it was cool enuf.
when i told the guys down there i was moving they asked how i could stand the cold.
i told them;
"i can always put more cloths on but i can only take so many off!"
I definately agree with that!
For a short time I was welding for General Dynamics E.B., working on the USS Hawaii. I put in for a shift change to 3rd, because the bays were like ovens during the day...without welding! :(
Never made it to 3rd shift due to injury, and now I work at a interesting field change huh. :lol:
I like it hot. :) I guess it's from living so long in the northwest with the wet and cold and dark winters.
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