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FINALLY!!!!! The wait and fiasco is over! :biggrin:

I had ordered a NBS 07 EC back in the 1st week of January. Have waited and waited and waited for it to arrive. Build date was kicked twice before it was finally built and then invoiced by GM on Feb 14th. Waited and waited for it to arrive from Canada until Thursday AM when I had enough. Dealership got on the phone with GM and found out the truck is STILL sitting at the damn assembly plant waiting for a rail car to ship it out. Because of all the heavy snow over the last couple months it has played havoc with shipping vehicles from the plant. They couldn't even guess at when it might ship? So, the dealer went and got me the same truck from another dealer and I picked it up finally last night.

Phew, am I glad that is over. Part of the deal with the trade of my 05 was I could keep it and drive it but I was asked if I would limit it to 1000 miles or less. Kind of hard doing that when it takes 9 weeks to get a vehicle( would have been 12 weeks plus minimum if we waited for the one I ordered ). I have been borrowing cars and getting rides to keep mileage down. Not really that bad but it sucks when you want to go do something but can't. All settled now though thankfully. Drove the new truck home last night.

This is the best I can do for now on a photo. I forgot to grab the camera when I left to get it and by the time I got home with it last night it was well past dark. Will take and post better photos in a few days.

2007(NBS) Silverado
1500 Extended Cab
FlexFuel 5.3L

Exterior Color = Blue Granite Metallic
Interior Color = Ebony( cloth )


1LT Trim Level
1LT Convenience Package( Fog Lights, Steering Wheel Mounted Radio Controls, Dual Zone Auto AC, 17" Aluminuum Wheels, Remote Vehicle Start System )
Tow Package
Off Road Suspension Package( Z71 = HD Shocks, Skid Plates, Jounce Bumpers, G80 )
Power Sliding Rear Window
Head Side Curtain Air Bags

And the usual other stuff like power mirrors/locks/windows, AM/FM/CD/MP3, Cruise, DIC, etc...

More to come later on my impressions of it driving and overall. I will say so far I like it a LOT better than the 05. Only dislikes at this point would be...

Goodyear tires & aluminum rims. I "HATE!!!!" GY's and I hate aluminum rims just as bad. I originally planned on swapping my chrome rims and Revo's over but it was such a hassle getting the truck and I wanted this done so bad I didn't want to add another day to the fiasco waiting for the swap over. Rims and tires will be changed over at some point.

Only other thing to this point I really don't like, and this is more a case of omission on GM's part then an actual dislike of something on the truck. There are no storage areas on the dash. One small little box and one little slot and that is it. No where to put the cell phone.

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Congrats! Glad to hear you got what you wanted. Sorry to hear it took so long.
It's a nice looking truck. Please forgive me for asking but, NBS?
It's probably because I'm still half asleep, but I'm just not following.

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Ya I seen alot of trucks sitting in yard down there. We had a train derail by plant and a train conductor strike, plus the snow so I wouldn't doubt it was late. Nice truck though. I went down and put a sticker on the back he he he...Kidding
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