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Hi Everyone

Sorry, but its been very busy for me in the last year or so. But I've been getting my '03 Tahoe up to snuff with some go fast goodys over the last year or so

Steve....the family politics on the supercharger has finally resolved itself ...Amazing how much whining and crying works....LOL.

So the mods on her now stands like this:

Magnusson Supercharger with heat exchanger
power pulleys
Hi volume fuel pump
aftermarket camshaft....
modified cylinder heads
Modified Transmission with corvette servos and shift kit
gibson headers
True dual exhaust with high flow cats and low restriction mufflers...3 inch(very tight fit over rear axle)
predator power programmer
k+n cold air intake

Next up will be tire/wheel update along with big brake package.

Will try to up load some pictures soon

So, wife is ready to send me to the funny farm in a straight jacket....

Happy New Year to all

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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