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I have a 2000 chevy silverado z71 that doesnt have stock foglights but i would like to put them in? Can i just buy the units on ebay? Is there a stock plug already on the truck? Details would be great so i know what im getting myself into...
You can get a new GM Accessories kit off E-Bay for under $100 shipped to fit your 2000( kit fits 1999-2002 / 03+ is different kit and lights ). Has everything from switch to lights to harness.

Just FYI though you will probably need to get your Body Control Module(BCM) programmed at the dealer for it to work( when you hit your switch the BCM sends the power to the FL relay so the lights work - if not programmed it won't send the power to the relay ). The 99-02 trucks usually needed this done. 03+ and it is usually plug-n-play.

Here is one listing for you...

NOTE - not sure on your 02 but I know on 03+ it required a different front lower bumper valance. Trucks that didn't come stock with fog lights didn't have the openings for them. Not sure if in 02 the openings are already there or you need a new valance? If you need the valance it should only cost like $50 at the dealer.
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