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Forum Sponsorship : Getting Started & Best Practices

We want to help make you successful! Since we have kicked off the new forum sponsor program, we have a desire to work with you as partners to help make this site even better.

You are content and product knowledge experts.
Our members love hearing from you in the main areas of the website in a non-pushy and non-sales oriented way. Then they feel comfortable to visit your website or contact you inside your own forum or send you a private message.

We are a website where millions of enthusiasts come every year.
Some of them come looking for ideas, product information, how-to repair questions or other topics. Either way, we have already built a system that brings people to the site and keeps many of them coming back over and over.

How do we work together?
Now that you are a site vendor, our goal is to help maximize your exposure to our members, but in the least "annoying" way possible. NO ONE likes hearing a sales pitch when they are on a website forum like this. However, EVERYONE likes to first learn that you have expert product knowledge in your field, then they want to contact you to learn more.


Ad Sizes

  • As part of your vendor account, we will rotate your ads on this website, and maybe some of our other websites as well.
  • We have streamlined the types of ads that are on our sites, and these may change as technology and user preferences changes.
  • For now please prepare and send at least one (or all three) of the following ad sizes: 728x90, 300x250 and 336x280
  • File format of .png is preferred,but we can take all types of formats including rich media.
  • Send all artwork to [email protected]

Ad Links

  • Please also provide a URL for each of the ads to link as well.
  • We can handle complex URLs that include tracking information if you wish.

Sponsor Accounts

  • Sponsors are allowed two "vendor" accounts. These accounts with have the vendor/sponsor label and are allowed to post inside your forum.
  • Sponsors that pre-pay at least six months in advance are allowed three vendor accounts.
  • Please send us the list of your vendor accounts and please have everyone on your team read and follow the sponsor rules.

Forum Signature

  • All sponsor accounts are allowed to add simple links and small images for their forum signatures.
  • Please understand, LESS IS MORE. It's common for vendors to want huge amounts of signature text and large graphics.
  • However, we've found that complex sponsor signatures are viewed as spam and ignored/hated by members.
  • Your best bet is a small text link (Tagline or information about you, a link to your forum and a link to your website) and maybe a small graphic (100x50 or so) that you can also link to your website.

Your Own Forum

  • Sponsors get your own forum on this website.
  • This is a place just for you and your company. You can start threads, post product and sales information and interact with customers in any way that you see fit.
  • Please don't comment in other sponsor's forums unless you are supporting or otherwise helping them.
  • Please take advantage of your own forum and post in there often! Consider posting every day or at least several times per week.
  • However, this will work better if you also interact on the rest of the website in a non-sales way.

Special Marketing Programs.
  • We've got a lot planned for 2014! Newsletters, Contests, Featured Posts and more.

This should get everyone going on the site! Please don't hesitate to reach out to me on the site and let's get out there and help make you successful!
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