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Foss Chevrolet
Exeter, NH

My "Foss" experiences over the years...

I have been a customer of Larry Foss( owner ), with the exception of just a brief 7 month span in 05-06, since 1995 when I bought my 1st full sized Dodge Ram. Bought 5 Rams from his dealership = 94/97/01/03/04. Thought the world was ending frankly when gas got so expensive and I had to sell the last Ram( 04 QC 4WD HEMI = 12 MPG - 14 MPG :eek: )and actually go to another dealer because Dodge just doesn't offer a fuel friendly vehicle at all. No small trucks, full size, or SUV that gets decent MPG( for those vehicles ).

I am sure most of you know how rare it is to get a top notch dealer that treats you like family from the day you buy the vehicle right on until the day you buy the next one and so on. None of this treat you decent until the sale is made and then it is a nightmare after. You get the same excellent quality of service every day regardless of why you are there. Even the lot attendants are polite and friendly. They have to be as Larry Foss won't put up with anything less from an employee. Sales and service are top notch at Foss Motors. I just dreaded going somewhere else and as it turns out I was right.

The whole Toyota fiasco of 7 months was a nightmare I hope someday to forget. Never mind all the issues with the truck itself the dealer SUCKED! That made all the truck problems 1000 worse. I know if I had bought that lemon from Foss I would have been taken care of not blown off. The problems would have been fixed the 1st time I went in and if they couldn't fix it they would have got me out of the vehicle. Just how they are.

Actually, my Sister just had an experience worth sharing about the Chevy garage with her new Impala. Since day one her car has had a come and go engine rap. Not piston slap or CSK. Mostly from a stop up to like 30 MPH then it would gradually go away. At 1st it almost seemed like the exhaust was loose or something was rattling up near the engine but over time it got worse to the point it would do it all the time and most definitely it was internal engine related. I brought it in for her a good 5-6 times, plus I would stop with updates on it from time to time as the Service Manager asked me to. Basically he had me drop in every week or so to listen to the noise and track it's worsening. NO dealer I know has ever done something like that!

Not one time did I ever get any attitude and not one time did they refuse to look at it or give me any crap about it is normal and nothing to worry about. Maybe they couldn't say with certainty it was part X BUT they did say yes we hear it and yes it sounds bad. We just can't isolate it( I bet they spent 4 hours in total with it JUST up on the lift and even had multiple mechanics on it as well ). Finally it got loud enough they could proceed with a tear down( needed GM's approval in this instance ). Bottom line the Service Manager went to bat for us and got GM to not only replace the engine but to send a complete BRAND NEW crate engine that they only had to drop in and hook up wires and such. NO rebuilt short block or any other half measures.

It took some time to get it done right granted but they were on top of it from the get go and just had to work within the system for us. Once he was on firm ground he got the repair done right. I have come to expect nothing less.

In late 05 Larry Foss bought out the local Chevy dealer and is now building that dealership's reputation up to what he has with the local Dodge dealership. He brought a handful of key people over from the Dodge dealership to make sure that HIS way of doing things is the norm. Now Foss Chevy is every bit as good as his Dodge dealership.

They got me out of that POS Toyota at a very fair price and into the 05. When that truck was beat so badly by the hail storm they knew that even though it was fixed I would not be happy so they got me into this NBS at basically their cost. NO funny money they gave me their bottom line best deal and they didn't have to. Granted I buy a lot of trucks from them so it is in their best interest but trust me when I say this guy( i.e.; Larry Foss )just plain "Gets It!" The only place the Chevy dealer is lacking at all is Parts. Sales and Service are absolutely top notch. The Part's manager is a loser. I have spoken to Larry about it and they are "working on it".

I can only say if you visit a Foss Motors dealership, be it Chevy or Dodge, and come away with a bad taste in your mouth, well, that's on you. Best dealer I have ever dealt with or worked for. Everyone can have a bad day now and then but this place truly does believe that the customer is #1. I apologize for the length of this but all you ever seem to hear is the bad about dealers. I wanted to pass on that there actually are some good ones out there and I am lucky enough to have one such dealer in my home town.

( disclaimer - I do not work for nor am I affiliated in anyway with Foss Motors - Dodge or Chevy! :party: )
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