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Front end shaking my teeth out when I brake

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I just bought some 20" Momo wheels and they have toyo 305/50R20 tires. I bought them used I took them and had them balanced just in case. When I brake the front end shakes bad, the stock wheels were fine. I have a 06 Silverado crew cab if it makes a dif. Are the tires too big/wide?
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Is your 06 Crew Cab a 1500, or a 2500? I run the same size on my 06 2500HD with no probs at all. I have 305/50/R20 Toyo Open Country A/T's on Ultra wheels.

I have a much easier time braking with my truck that my Wife does with the same tires only in 18" on her 1500 Suburban because of the brake size difference.
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Bought my truck new from the dealer with 20's. Is your truck a 1500, or a 2500??? That could be making the difference in brake size.
The brakes on the 2500HD are awesome. I have never had better brakes on any truck. I have 88k+ miles on my 06 with the original pads. Had it serviced last week and the pads still are at 75%.:party:
Now that's what I'm talking about!:party: It's awesome how well mine stops even with the extra weight of the Duramax diesel:great:
1500 the stock/oem are 17"
I think that's the problem but maybe someone else in this community that runs oversized wheels on a 1500 might have some suggestions as to how fix your prob so you can skate on 20's. I would like to see some pics of your ride if you could post some.:great:
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