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Front or Rear Leveling??

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Hey all, I have a 08 Silverado Crew Cab 2WD with 285/70/17 tires and I'm trying to decide which way to level my truck. Most people seem to do the front 2 inch lift, but I've also seen a 2" rear shackle drop for the rear. The rear shackles are quite a bit cheaper then the front lift, but is this going to affect the ride quality at all? I really like the way the bigger tires fill out the front wheel well and I'd like the back to look similar, that's why I was leaning toward the rear lowering. Any thoughts?

Oh yeah, mostly on road or gravel road driving and I rarely carry a very heavy load in the bed.
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with it being a 2wd id go with the rear kit. i have the front leveled on mine but it is 4x4. id think that u will still be able to run the same size tire even with the rear lowered. just my .02
its all preference and how you want you truck to look.. since you put bigger tires on it I would say do the front leveling kit.. It will give your truck a nice aggressive stance even tho it is 2WD.. just my 2 cents also
I'm with Pete It will look more agressive plus lowering on gravel roads.. not for me.
Post a pic of your truck so we can see how the front is compared to the back, it may help with some advise.
Here's my truck now, not sure how to insert a big pic into the file, only attach...sorry


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yeah i would go with the front for those tires
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