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FS NY 1997 Suburban K1500 LT Loaded $6900

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Well... I just joined today. I have browsed this site for a while prior to joining as a lurker and found it very informative. Congrats on a great site guys. Anywho, I'm saddened to post this but I'm in the unfortunate position of having to sell my beloved 'Burb.

Breaks my hear really... I love my truck. Had it since May of 2000. I bought it used from grrrrr City Cadillac/Olds (aka, Major) - hate them. It cost me $25K Anyway, I live in NYC and have my LGT in the garage. I bounce my 'Burb around from street to street every night looking for parking now-a-days (alternate sides crap) more then I do driving it for valid reasons. The truck has served me very, very well. It's a beast in the snow!!! Never, never been stuck - not in 3 foot ice pile-ups, not in deep upstate New York resort snow, not in mud, nothing!

Here are some details...

The truck has not been in accident ever since I've had it. I have however had the driver door and driver barn door repainted (a few years ago). This is due to a couple of good size 1/2 - 3/4" deep dents from kids bikes in the neighborhood obviously (round fading black spots) running into my truck! Grrrrr!!! It was originally leased by a Connecticut business the first 2 or 3 years of it's life. The fuel pump went on me in 2002 or so. I had the stealership replace it for $600 - yikes. The front axle vacuum actuator (piece of crap) went on me in a snow storm in 2003 or 04 (ugh) and I was stuck only with RWD. It was known issue in all these gen 4wd trucks. I had the stealership again replace it with a much better electric actuator - works fantastic! You can shift on the fly up to 50mph. It also obviously has 4wd Lo.

The paint is in good shape for a 10-year old truck parked outside in NYC year round. There is one small surface rust spot above the driver door near the roof about 1 inch long. Again, it's only the surface where the paint had been scratched by some flying space junk. The roof does have some paint pitting and some amount of fade that you could either just let be (it's cosmetic - no rust or anything) or compound down and re-shoot if you really wanted to. The radio volume knob broke but it still works with just the shaft. The interior is in great shape. The driver seat has normal leather cracks - nothing major. The rest of the leather is in excellent shape save for a small puncture in the middle row on the passenger side. Middle row is 60/40 split/foldable so you can seat 3 even 4 people. Rear seat is single-piece fold-down and removable. The windshield wiper PCB got soaked and the wipers went berserk (known defect) - I replaced that a few years ago. The headlight switch also broke and I replaced that few years ago.

I've used the truck to tow twice in 8 years... a couple of motorcyles. Tows like there's nothing behind it. I've known guys with the same truck pull track cars on tandem axle trailers with no problem. It's tow rating is 7K - 8K lbs if I recall correctly and it's got a Class III hitch with a 500lb tongue weight max. It does have an alignment issue that makes ti pull to the right a bit. I had a "reputable" shop "align" it shortly afte I slapped my ATs on there. Clearly, they didn't do a good job so it should get re-aligned. I've always, always taken fabulous care of my truck with regular maintenance. It's very reliable and very low mileage for this year truck. Take a look at other '96, '97, and '98's on eBay and you'll see what I mean.

This is the top-o-the-line K1500 (1/2 ton 4wd for the layman) LT (luxury package) 'Burb for '97. It has a friggin' 42 gallon tank for God's sake! I've traveled fron NYC to North Carolina once on one tank!!! 675 miles on one tank is my record. It's got a tranny cooler, tow package, locking rear diff, push-button 4wd (full-time RWD) electric mirrors, dual (front and rear) HVAC and controls, power driver seat w/lumbar, bench middle, bench far rear, full-size spare (you can still move a house with the rear out and the middle down), tow hooks, power windows, power locks, and Class III hitch. You can take 8 adults and their crud on a road trip without using additional storage. It's just cavernous. With the middle down and the rear out, you can also fit 4'x8' sheets of anything ans still close the doors!


* Gale Banks 1 5/8" headers (see pics)
* Gale Banks 3" Monster CBE (very quiet)
* CompuStar Remote Starter Alarm (nice in winter)
* Weld EVO Andro LT 18x9 High Load Rims (cost me $450 each)
* Nitto Terra Grappler 285/60/18 ($175 each) E-load rated tires with only about 10k miles
* "Clean" chrome bumper w/tear drop fogs
* Stull Billet grill inserts
* Cleared corners
* K&N FIPK Intake (quiet)
* White-Knight Backup Lights

Known Problems

* Radio volume knob cracked off - radio still works
* Small puncture in middle row passenger side leather
* Alignment issue - pulls to the right

I will miss my truck . Asking $6,900.

PM, call (number on window), or email (also on window)

Truck will go on Autotrader and eBay soon.

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Nice looking burb! Good luck with that.
Welcome sublo. List it in Ontario and you could probably get closer to $10K for it! Just a thought.
BTW what motor is in it?
Welcome sublo. List it in Ontario and you could probably get closer to $10K for it! Just a thought.
BTW what motor is in it?
For real??? Who knew?!! I'm actually asking much less then similar 'Burbs with higher mileage! Most '97s with over 100K mileage are *asking* for $500 - $1,000 more. I'm not greedy. Just need to get my truck off the street.

It's the 5.7L Vortech 350. 255hp If I recall correctly. I maybe have 20 or so more with the headers, exhaust and intake.

Thanks guys.
That is a nice truck though....Can you say "Cross-border shopping"! :great:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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