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I read an article in Motor Trend recently discussing the ratio between fuel economy, the weight of modern vehicles and their overall quickness.

It turns out, that modern vehicles of the 2000's are VERY efficient when you look at the weight and performance that you get.

What's the problem? People like me want a heavier vehicle so if I get into a crash, I'm not squished like a grape! So vehicles are as heavy today as they were in the 1960's! Ok, so they should have about the same fuel efficiency as they did back then too, right? Nope! Today's vehicles weight the same as they did in the 60's and they are about as quick 0-60 also, however this is being produced with the fuel efficiency of the 70's cars! (Remember, in the 1970's all they did was cut weight in the frames and shrank engines ... that was it)

To top it all off, modern engines like GM's new Vortec group are doing a splended job of performing, while still giving decent fuel economy.

Once newer-material body panels start to get cheaper to produce, we'll see vehicle weight come down and they can back off some horsies. This will produce average EPA MPG up into the 30's.

Example: 2007 Corvette gets 27 MPG freeway!

Any thoughts on this? I know that I'm not ready to put my family into a smaller and less heavy car until I know that the frame is just as strong.
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