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Hi I’m on my 2nd junkyard gas tank. I broke my original tank while replacing the pump. I guess the float on the pump dragged the valves spring or something and broke it. I didn’t know it until I went to fill up and it wouldn’t take gas in. Took it to a shop and they removed tank and tried everything under the sun before finding this issue.

so they get another at a junkyard, same issue. I found another one in the area, took it home to clean it and I’m finding this one doesn’t move freely and I can push it closed or pull it open, but there’s no strength or tension springing it open and closed.
There’s a long slide thing, that I pull out to have it fully open to take gas in, but I think the pumps float will hit it once installed. Also it should probably function as to not lose fuel pressure or other problems, am I right?

does anyone know anything about this particular part of a 2007 Colorado, and how I can make it function or what I could glue in to replace it?
They all seem different from model to model.

thanks a ton in advance!
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