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fuel pump problem

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so here is my issue, two nights ago i did the 6 hi mod. i grounded low beams to the frame for the high beams. then i ran a diode from the runing light fuse to the drl relay so i could use the headlight switch. all was good for 3 days. today, with no warning my truck shut off, not like sputterd down but like i shut the key off. now it will not start. and now for some reason the fuel pump relay will not 'flip/switch". also the headlight relay wont flip. is there any connection/relationship between the two? also i could not get power at the fuel pump relay socket. this is on a 2002 silverado. throw out any ideas you have because im out. also the fuel gauge says im empty so that verifies i have no power to the fuel pump.
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I checked all the fuses and cannot find anything... Not sue if there is a fusable link in there, is there any relation between hdlp's and fuel pump?
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