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I have a 1996 K1500. My buddy and I dropped my fuel tank last week to replace a brake line that had rusted thorugh which was on the framerail next to the tank. Had no problems, but when I went to put the tank back in, the fuel pump won't run. I've looked at wiring diagrams where it shows a gray, purple, and black w/ white wire. The black w/ white obviously grounds in the diagrams, but I have a fourth wire that runs from the fuel pump harness to the frame rail and grounds. I assume this is not OEM, because I had a fuel pump put in about a year and a half ago. The 3 main wires (purp, gry, blk w/wht) all run through a connector and run to the engine bay in the frame rail conduit. I have power at the purple wire and also a good ground on the frame rail. I really miss my truck and need to get it running. Any ideas? Parts for Chevy
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