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Fuel Pump Question... Yet Again

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Hello all! I just bought my 1999 Suburban LT 4x4 a few weeks ago.... I freakin' love it. BUT I do have a couple questions I hope ya'll can help me out with. When it's running it has a consistant whine/hum to it. I've been told it's the fuel pump, and after reading up on it... I found that normal. However the two questions I have are 1) A few weeks ago it was "sluggish" at about 20-25 mph. This only happened twice and now it's all good. Any ideas? 2) Is there a fuel pump out there I can buy that isn't so freakin' loud.

Thanks alot for the help, in advance.

Take care,
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Thanks for joining up, someone will have an answer for you I'm sure. ;-)
Common issue with Suburbans. Summit had a high performance pump that was quieter, dont remember the manufacturer tho. Replacement pumps can be expensive to buy and a hassle to change, you might want to think how badly the noise bothers you before going this route. I have'nt tried it yet myself but I've been told you can get some insulation between the body and the top of the tank to quiet things down some.
The sluggish issue could be attributed to almost anything, most likely the engine threw a code and reacted to a sensor issue if it went away so easily. Go to Auto Zone and see if you can still get a code from the computer, this may lead you to the problem.
Mine was quite a bit louder before I changed the fuel filter, it may be time for yours to be changed. I am talking about the one alone the frame on the drivers side.

I agree if you don’t know when the last time the fuel filter was changed, change it.

Preventative maintenance is a lot easier than changing any fuel pump in the tank.
i agree if the filter gets bogged down the pulses from the pump are heard more clear. when i replaced my pump i went with a Bosh gold High performance pump from NAPA and now i can not even hear the pump running......mike
GM has always had a problem with their fuel pumps either being noisy or failing since the new style in 96. Like was said previously make sure your fuel filter is new, I change mine every 25-30km now and have never had a problem with noise or failure.
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