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Garage Flooring

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Recently I've been hearing of people painting their garage floors with a roll-on rubberized type paint. By the sound of it, it seems almost like Line-X but it is made specifically for garage floors. Does anyone have any experience with any products like this? If so, how did the application go and what do you think of it? And if not, what have you done with your garage floors?

I was interested in doing this to my garage but found out that summer is NOT the best time to do it and it is supposed to be left untouched for several days after it is applied. Any info?

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Thanks for the reply. Was it worth the time/money? And is it fairly easy to clean/sweep/wash out?
Good to know about the oil removal! I can see myself getting quite frustrated if I had done the whole garage and shop area without knowing that just to find trouble later on. LoL.

Anyway, seems like a good project. Once I finish fixing and refinishing this antique radio that belonged to my great grandfather, I guess I'll take on some new garage flooring! ;)
1 - 3 of 13 Posts