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Gasonline Smell

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I just went to TX and purchased a 2004 Suburban with 73,000. I drove it back to KY with no problems (long drive to say the least). After parking it in my driveway, I noticed a strong smell of gas coming from the back drivers side area. It was not coming from the fuel cap area, but instead seemed to be coming from under the back bumper (only on drivers side). I had filled up 150 miles from home so any spillage should have been gone. I looked under and saw no leaks. It was parked all night and day in my driveway and when I got home from work I could smell the gas from 10 feet away. Any ideas what could be causing the smell? With it that strong, shouldn't there be some sort of puddle under the back of the car? Any ideas would be appreciated.
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The tank vent on the newer cars has an electric control. Sometimes they stick open and you can really smell gas around the car. At least this is the case on the 4th gen F body's.

Take it by an Autozone, they will check any codes for free.
I had the similar issue which may be related or not, it turned out to be the gas cap being cross threaded. It did no damage to the cap but sloshed fuel up and out the pipe. The attendants slap the cap back on **** eyed turn it until it clicks and send you on your way, this has happened on a couple of occasions.

I wonder if it could be a badly connected filler hose coming from the gas cap pipe? Or vent tube hose.

I know I had something similar, some shmuck had used the wax ring you use under a toilet when you install a new toilet to try and seal the gas tank hole that the fuel pump/gauge goes in. Instead of replacing the gasket.
I start by dropping the tank. The ring that retains the pump could have a leaky gasket, or the pressure or return line could be leaking. As mentioned, also check the fuel fill hose. A small leak can leave little or no visible signs of liquid fuel and yet throw off a lot of vaporized fuel.

Put one drop of gas in the palm of your hand and observe how your skin temperature turns the liquid to a vapor and tell me it doesn't stink way more than you think it should. Now imagine a leak on top of the tank or along a frame rail. A slow drip will reek!
Great ideas guys. The first thing I will do is go by autozone and check the codes. If it isn't the vent then it looks like time to drop the tank. You are right in that it does not take much of leak to put out a lot of fumes. BTW, I checked the cap closely and it is sealing well and the fumes are not coming from the filler area. Thanks again for your help.
I have a similar issue, but it only occurs when I start the Suburban up and let it idle in one place for several minutes without moving it. I think the motor's running rich or something, possibly because it's still in closed loop. Hope you get this resolved. Vaporized fuel in the right circumstances can be very dangerous, even deadly.
Well, a $1,000 later and the gas leak is fixed. The dealer said after they had dropped the tank that the gasket on top was bad and leaking. A new tank was necessary. Now on to the next problem. Thanks for your ideas suggestions.
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