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Gauge appearance [Expired Topic]

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Has anybody replaced the gauges or the gauge panel on the suburban? I have been looking at some of those flamed gauges cluster displays and billet kits the night activated color kits.

Just a little nervous about taking off all the gauge needles etc...
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Suburban Gagues

Changing the gagues in your suburban can be rather tricky. I've seen it done well. Lots of options for this sort of thing though, just wonder how accurate they are compared to OEM.
I wasn't thinking so much about replacing the actual gauges so much as I was the "wallpaper" that get placed over them. There are a lot of vendors out selling the overlays for ~$100, different colors, night glow stuff flames, billet overlays etc....

Might be an inexpensive way to dress up the dash if its not to much pain to pull the gauge needles and drop these overlays in place and then reset the needle.
Oh, that might not be too big of a deal. The needle probably snaps on and off, like that of a clock perhaps.
Yeah, it's pretty easy. They pull off, and press back on. The only hassle is that you need to move your gear selector around to get the cluster out.
good to hear it, when I get some free time I'll have to look into it.
Had that Dash off several times now, not to tough, wish the doorw were as easy.
What kind of look did you go for?
Flames? Billet? Night Glow?
or just scrap the whole thing and go digital????
haven't actually done the replacement on the gauge cluster or face yet, the dash has been coming off for stereo tweaks and that fancy little pocket. Also for a vent replacement and a good cleaning. Gettiing to the gauge stuff though can't seem to make up my mind. I was thinking about using a plywood overly that would match the wood I use for the custom console..... we'll see when the console is done.
Be careful what you buy for this project... I went el-cheapo on one that I bought on Flea Bay. Turns out to need wired up to a 12V source for the blue lighting effects to work. I don't want a bunch of buttons and switches crapping up the dash.

Know what you are getting!!!

PS... Make a diagram of where the needles are pointing before you start instead of trying to remember where they were pointing on re-assembly.

After hooking the el cheapo up to a power supply and seeing how cool it looks at night, I think I am going to use them afterall.
got a picture of the finished project?
Yeah, that would be worth seeing.
I ended up throwing it away after totally screwing the gauges up on re-assembly. Here's the problem... You pop the needles off like the hands of a clock, but the problem is that when you put them back on, the stems that poke out of the dash that hold the needles are extremely easy to turn, and therefore none of my gauges were accurate anymore. Moreover, the thickness of the overlay caused some of the needles to stick and kept them from moving properly.

I ended up buying another instrument cluster from a scrap yard to replace the original with.

My advice - Buy a scrap cluster off of ebay to play with... When you get it right, put it in your truck. These things are TROUBLE!
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