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GCVWR on my K2500 1999 Suburban, 7.4 L [Expired Topic]

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Where can I get this info? Looking to buy a fairly heavy trailer but not sure I can handle it. Need Gross combined Vehicle Weight Rating.
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Not sure where you can find the info othe than the GM sight itself. Rule of thunb used to be the trailer shouldn't weight any more than the truck your hauling it with. But with a stableizing hitch 10,000 lbs should even worry you.
Yeah, I agree, that used to be the rule of thumb but you've got ways to boost that number depending on a lot of factors.

How heavy are you looking to go? What kind of trailer? What's the length of the trailer?
What are your gears? The website shows that the new 2007 can handle 10,600 lbs with the big-block with 3.73 gears and 12,000 lbs with the 4.10 gears.
Trailer is 29' and will go about 8500# wet (rated at 10,000# with 2600# of cargo carrying capacity).
Our cargo, including water and propane, will go 1000-1100#, probably not toys, etc. I have the 4.10 gears with the 245's on..sometimes run 265's in the summer, so probably gears up to 3.95 or so. I have a 1000# hitch (might go to 1200# if I get this trailer).
It sounds like you're within your limits and that it sounds safe enough. Well, anytime you haul a trailer that big there are risks, but you've got the right vehicle for the job, that's for sure.

What kind of trailer is this?
I think that trailer should be no sweat for a burban like yours. Can you hook it up and take it for a test-tow?
Hey, I like all this New Mexico traffic. My spring trip is scheduled for Silver City and environs, an area to which I have never been. Looking forward to it. But want to know if I'm going to have to protect my dogs from jumping cholla plants. In any case, I'll be heading down in either my present Kiwi or a new trailer. Any advice will be accepted. (BTW a test tow is impractical..I'm convinced I can handle it....I have a trailer now, not as heavy, but a good bellweather.)
Where is your trip going to start at? I've driven through New Mexico both ways. It's a long sloping incline up to the continental divide, not like up north with the really bad and steep passes.
Probably coming down thru Alpine AZ. Not concerned about roads, slopes, etc. just don't want to miss anything we should be seeing.
It's very pretty out there. Makes me miss the Northwest when I go through there, not the rain of course though.
Yes, well our fall trips are to the NW....we like the Oregon coast and British Columbia, partiularly the Sunshine Coast. Rain's ok for a while...nothing beats walking a beach in a soft rainfall.
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