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Gen VI 454 ignition timing after overhaul

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I'm in the middle of overhauling a 1996 gen VI 454 and I'm trying to figure the best way to set the ignition timing: Should I set it to #1 TDC on compression, stab the motor in, and then set the intake and distributer before rotating the motor; install the intake and distributer and set timing on the engine stand and then stab the motor; or something I haven't thought of. It doesn't look like there is much room for error as far as setting the timing.
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ignition timing, i would say yes..TDC and then there is a mark on the distributer...close to the #1 wire pickup..thats where the finger should point ..!
IMO, atleast on the 350s its that way and i do believe on the 454 as well !
Just my luck - I had it 180 out.
You may already know this, but make sure that the Timing connector to the PCM is disconnected before you advance and set the timing.
Let's say that I didn't know about disconnecting the timing to PCM connector - Which one is it?
single wire plug on the fire wall about /2 way to center from the drivers side
Thanks guys.
on a vortec u dont have to disconect it at all, u cant set the timing it will only work in 1 position.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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