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Okay so a few things here
I'm new to the forum and not a total idiot to mechanics but certainly no pro .

I have a 2015 chevy silverado Lt 1500 and there is a shake/rumble that I can feel in my floor and it's driving me silly but don't wanna get hosed at a shop so if nothing serious I could do myself. Side note about the shake , I belive my rear shock absorbers to be work out as the rear end sounds extremely sloppy when hitting bumps almost like I have a semi heavy box in the truck bed flopping around but it's empty could this be my shake/rumble issue ? I am meaning to swap these out but am unaware if my truck has a lift as it would effect the product I order which brings me to my next question . Can you tell from pics if it's lifted or not .
Sorry if this is a little scattered
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