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General Tire Question

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This is something that I've debated guys on before in the past. What should be done with a full-sized macthing spare?

Some people think that it should be rotated into the normal pattern of rotation every 5k, thus giving extra life to your tires (in theory). Others say don't touch it becuase it's a hassle to get it put onto a new rim and a hassle to have one on a rim moved to the spare rim.

Anyhow, what's everyone's opinion on this?
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It does not seem to make good $$$ sense to me to put that tire on the ground except for emergencies. Where I live it cost $15 to mount and balance a tire. If you keep tires on your vehicle for let's say 80,000 miles, then that would be 16 changes if you did that every 5,000 miles. That comes to $240. For $240 you can buy 4 spares.
Hmm, I have done this before because the place that did my tires would rotate them (including mount/balance the spare) for no charge. So I got an extra 20% added to the life of my tires.
use the full-sized spare tire when rotating?

Well, maybe not 20%, because I didn't rotate every 5k, but maybe every 7500 or so. Never had any problems with wear difference either.
RE: use the full-sized spare tire when rotating?

Hmm, plus then you have to buy 5 new tires instead of 4 also. Hmmm.
Need to have a third option: "Would not work to well if your rollin' 22's" :D
Nice looking ride Dexterdog, btw.
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