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I'm a first time owner of a Chevy Tahoe, and I'm looking to get the most out of it.

Since I still have the window sticker, here's what she's got.
99 2 Door Tahoe LS 2WD
Vortec 5700 V8 5.7 SFI
4 Speed electronic trans
3.42 Rear Axle Ratio
Disc/Drum brakes

Flowmaster Single out
K&N Filter in stock box.

I looking for what reliable, dependable, beneficial upgrades I can do to her. I don't want waist my time with useless items, so I'm coming to you guys who have been thru it, and know what the best results are with whatever products.

Brakes/ (Las Vegas Heat) with ABS, can I do it on my own, what do I need.
Powerplant upgrades
Rear end needs
At almost 50,000 miles, what issues should I been watching out for.
I'm running Mobil 1 SUV 5W-30
When do I need to flush the radiator
Change the tranny fluid/rear end
Can I take it a dealer to check for recalls
Do they do normal 50,000 service
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