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Glad to be a part of the club!

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Hello all-
My first time on the site proved that this place was for me! I have an 03 Suburban 4x4 with around 115,000 miles on her and she just died in the driveway. Cranked but wouldn't start. Checked some posts about a guy with a 03 Burb Z71 with the same problem, someone said "bang on the bottom of the tank". Went right out ,took a chunk of 2x4 and peppered the bottom of the tank, got in and she started right up. I realize I'll need to change out the fuel pump soon, but I sure appreciate the tip. Thanks a Bunch!
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welcome to the club, glad you found some help
Welcome to the club
Welcome to the club!
Welcome to the G M T C !
Welcome aboard!
Welcome to the Club!! Glad you found the problem. Great high-tech solution fix as those cheap fixes!
Welcome to the club lots of great tips and info
Welcome to the club! I'm also glad you found the help you needed. Hopefully this site will continue to help you.
Welcome to the club.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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