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Glass and Mirrors

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No, it's not SMOKE and mirrors, this part of the forum is adll about the glass that's on your truck. That includes everything from the taillights (yeah, they're plastic, I know) to the windshield and side mirrors.
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I added the '02-'06 style rear brake lenses to my '99 Z71. The look is very cool and minor modifications were needed. There is an extra hole for a lower blinker that you would need the newer wiring harness to use but I just taped the opening.

I am thinking of upgrading to the side mirrors w/ the red led arrows in the glass. There is even a cable available to link the drivers side mirror to the auto-diming rearview, so they work in sync. Pretty cool, has anyone out seen this or done this? I found the conversion glass kit for $200 plus shipping. Any thoughts??
Where did you find the conversion pack at? I'd like to see some pics, post them in the photo gallery if you have time.
poolguy20, i have a buddy who wants the new tail light lens on his 99 z71 and we did not think they would work. will his harness work without modification? and does the new lens bolt to the existing holes and line up fine? later, jd
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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