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gm 14 bolt axle conversion

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Hello first off i have a 93 k1500 4x4 i blew up the rear end which was the stock 10 bolt so i decided to swap it with the heavier duty full float gm 14 bolt. I am keeping the stock driveshaft however i dont know what u joint conversion i need if it helps the driveshaft says spicer 5. I dont know what either one is both oem and the one for the 14 bolt as the oem is to big for the 14 bolt yoke. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.
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There's actually several different u-joint adapters. Your best bet is to talk directly to the seller to make sure you get the right one. Google GM crossover u-joint and use your phone to find the right one.

They are also sold by the parts stores but you need a savvy guy behind the counter. Napa is probably best if the salesman knows his stuff.

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