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gm manual trans

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Hey guys hoping you can help me out. I know the T56 is the popular 6 speed, but I was wondering if anybody knows the name/designation for the 5 speed, not sure what else it's behind, but I know they use it behind the 4.8 liters. Thanks for any help you guys can give me.

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the 5 speed version was in 2 forms the T-5 and the world class T-5 both had issues that when in 5th gear they starve the front gears for oil and woud self destruct. there was a recall and a fix. they drilled a few large oil return holes in the 5th gear area to the front sump....mike
Are you sure thats the 5 speed behind the 4.8 liters? reason I ask is I'm looking for a more economicall manual trans to put behind a 5.3 liter, T56 was the obvious choice, then I heard some rumors that they put a 5 speed behind the 4.8. Behind as it's the same block, figure it can't be hard to swap, and would HAVE to be cheaper than the T56 set up
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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