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I was wondering if there have been any issues with the 20-inch aluminum rims offered as an option on the Silverado and if so what they might be?

Also any problems with the 18-inch rims?

I'm looking to get a new truck soon and would prefer the aluminum 20's.
I won't put any chrome plated aluminum rims on any of my vehicles again.

If I can't get the 20's then I will look for the 18's.

With the incentives. now looks to be a good time to replace the 95 S-10.
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All I know is the 20's cost like 2600$ for the wheels and tires which is pretty high. But everything is high when it comes from the dealer.

As for the stock 18's I don't know. They don't look to bad but I had chrome wheels put on the truck so my stockers are being kept for whenever I need them. I just got an 07 and the 0% for 5 years kickass. But it's only good till the end of this month. Your right though...if you were gonna buy then now is a great time. I couldn't be happier with my truck!
No issues with the rims however if you do much off road driving the tires suck, they are the goodyear eagle II's.
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