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I have been looking around at tonneau covers, searching old posts on here, waiting for that great deal and finally may have found that. I might be able to get a "factory" tonneau off of a 2010 GMC sierra crew cab short bed pickup. I have a 2008 Chevy silverado crew cab short bed pickup and the guy says that his cover will fit mine. Will it? It has a tag with part #427212-342 on it. I am not sure if there is anywhere to look that up and check?

Assuming that it will fit my pickup, will I be able to keep my bushwhacker bedrail caps or do I have to take them off?

Is there anything to be on the lookout for? This cover was only on his truck for 5,000 miles so it is basically brand new.

Would I be better off looking at a brand new one from another brand? I really don't want to have more than $250 invested into a cover. This one has the tarp bows that roll up with the cover which is one of the main things I was looking for and most new ones that have that feature are $300++

Any info on this would be great.


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