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GM door pin and bushing set. At Pep Boys they were labled under the name "Help" and in a red and blue package.
No special tools required.

Look at the hinge, see the vertical pin (hinge pin) going through both parts of the hinge? Where the pin goes through the hinge is the bushings. (top and bottom hinges are exactly the same, top usually wears faster than the bottom).
There should be a retaining clip of some type at the bottom of the hinge pin, usually a curled metal tab. It's almost impossible to get the pin out without breaking the tab off, if reusing the hinge pins this shouldnt pose a problem if the pin is put in from top to bottom as gravity will hold it in place. If you dont go from top to bottom with the pin drill a small hole in the hinge pin just passed where it'll come out of the hinge and use a mouse key or cotter pin to retain it, this point of the pin isnt load bearing so it wont affect performance.
To replace the bushings and pins I place a jack under the back corner of the door and lift just enough to take tension off the hinges. Remove and replace the pins and bushings one set at a time. If the door moves a little after removing the pin it's sometimes easier to have an assistant lend an extra hand to align things up.
Dont let the door hang off of one hinge if you can help it because this may cause the hinge to bend some and result in missalignment problems.
Should take less than an hour per door.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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