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There was a 'sicky' w/ picts on one of the S-10 boards, can't remember which one! Maybe S-10 forums? The Haynes manual had directions too.

The tool is a door spring compressor looks like flattened sissors w/ a bolt at one end to keep the two sections apart so the other end keeps the spring compressed. You stick the open end into the little coil spring and tighten the bolt forcing the end closed crushing the spring so you can pull it out instead of letting it fly to get lost ...or stuck in your eye...

Alot of people let 'em fly and them crush the spring in a vise and tie it w/ wire or a zip tie & pop it back in & cut the restraint to let it expand...

There is only one spring per door...I've seen it done w/ a pair of pliers that are made to open those wire spring hose clamps GM used to put on heater and radiator hoses...but that was a tech who's fingers could break rocks.
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