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got a couple parts in

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Hey all as some you know I am currently in Korea, I have been stocking up on parts for the SS. Here is what I just got in the other day Comp Cams 228R and 903 springs! Still waiting on my 7.4" harden push rods from L.E.P my 3000K circle D stall and my new shift kit and billet servos. I have also ordered the new coil covers from Holley and I am going to have them color matched and add either a LS3/LS7 intake and have it color matched as well, Let me know what y'all think. Soon as I get home I will start a build thread. I will post pics of stuff as I get it in.

Also if any of you middle TN guru's want to come help feel free to come on down, Ill provide the beer and food.

Link to the coil covers:

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WHere you at in Korea???
Cp Carroll.. I remeber that one.. I was Camp Casey, Area 1. 2/72nd AR before they moved to carson.
i was there in 03-04.. and yeah it was quite a waste of time.. though in 03 i was there when invaded Iraq and were just waiting for the crazy SOB to the north to come accross the border. But yes a complete waste of time.. i did alot of drinking haha...

And back on topic what kinda power you thinking you are going to get out of the parts you have now?
its hard to say what I will put to the ground. Realistically I would like to see 440-450 HP to the ground.

I have a lot of stuff left up my sleeve that I need to get done, also going to run a 4:56 gear and do a custom 4link to help hook up. I would like to get into the mid 12's just on motor with out any F/I
I would go more twards a 4.11 at least then you will still get some mpgs when you drive it to work. cuz if i remeber correctly this is a daily driver??
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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